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Two year olds would normally start soon after they turn 2. For local authority paid places, the start date is the term after they turn 2. For example if they turn two in October, they would start in January. Paying places can start flexibly, immediately after the child turns 2.

We only operate in term time as we believe this is the majority of need in our area.

If your child is not already in the nursery when they have turned 3, they will start at the start of the next academic term, i.e. in September, January or April when a space becomes available. Most places are available in September, as a small number of places may be available in January or April.

The Government offers a variety of ways to support childcare costs. They have a website  called Childcare Choices which allows you to see what might work best for your family.
Please follow the link below to see what is right for you:
Childcare Choices | 30 Hours Free Childcare, Tax-Free Childcare and More | Help with Costs | GOV.UK

You can register for both the Tax Free Childcare scheme and the 30 hours on the government website (please find the link in FAQ 4). The eligibility criteria is similar for both and it is all explained on their page. You do not have to take both schemes if you are better off using Tax Credits rather than the Tax Free Scheme. You can just register for the 30 hours. We always recommend that you do your research and work out what is the best way for your family.

Please provide your child with a nursery bag containing; change of clothes, nappies and wipes should your child need them. Any comforter to assist them with settling in and a drinking bottle (labelled).

Important Note:

Please do not dress your child in anything that has sentimental value or of great costs as your child will enjoy and explore messy play each day and we cannot be responsible for clothing becoming marked or damaged.

We offer settling in visits and settling sessions (lasting approximately 1-2 hours). These will be provided free of charge over a two or four week period dependent on individual needs, age and stage of development. We aim to work closely with parents/carers to ensure we are able to meet the needs of your child while they are settling in with us.

Settling in visits and introductory sessions are key to a smooth transition and to ensure good communication and information sharing.

Upon registration, we ask for your contact details and so we would use these to call in a situation where there was an emergency or your child was unwell. The Big Angels will ensure your child is reassured and comforted as required.  All staff are paediatric first aid trained.

If your child is suffering from a high temperature, sore throat, rashes, headache or discharges from eyes or ears, he/she should not attend Nursery until the symptoms have cleared up or until medical advice is sought and clearance is given for your child to return. If your child is suffering from sickness and/or diarrhoea, he/she should not attend Nursery for 48 hours after the symptoms have ceased.

Of course! While your child is settling in we would encourage you to phone the nursery to put your mind at ease. Pleased be assured that we will always phone you if they need to discuss any aspect of your child’s care.

As a childcare provider, keeping your children safe when they are with is of paramount importance and we treat this duty of care very seriously indeed. All our staff are DBS checked. We have an extensive range of policies and procedures for your child’s safety and for your piece of mind.  Please do ask to inspect them at any time.


Our friendly team will be happy to help!

Our friendly team will be happy to help!

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